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Cage Comforter Program
Animal Assisted Therapy

Every animal deserves a warm blanket to sleep on, and a chance to play with their very own toy. But not every animal has that luxury. So many animals dream of cuddling up in a nice warm blanket of their very own. But are instead left with a cage lined in newspaper, with nowhere to snuggle up and no toys to play with. But we are here to make their dream a reality!

With the “PetAid Cage Comforter Program”, every animal will be able to have his/her very own blanket and toy that they will take with them to their forever homes and cherish forever! Whether you like to sew, knit, or crochet, whether you are the creative type or not, we’ll help you help the animals!

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Creativity not your forte? Look at the helpful hints below to help get you started. Many items are inexpensive, and some are already in your home!

Dog/Cat Toy- sewn:
Cut fabric of your choice into two even circles, or use patterns below for a more creative outcome
Sew the two pieces of fabric together inside out.
Before you sew the entire fabric up, leave about two inches and add poly-fil to the inside of the fabric pieces.
Sew the remainder together
**Consider purchasing replacement squeakers (sold at both craft stores and pet supply stores) to put in the toy, or store it in a bag with catnip for a toy your cat won’t be able to resist!**

Click Here to Get the Large Bone Pattern

Click Here to Get the Fish Pattern

Awesome Knit Cat Toys By Julie Falatko:

Dog Rope Toy: